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    A user here was going to sell their PSP on eBay a few weeks ago. He made a topic asking for price advice but since I was tired of the ghosting and slight lag on the PSP 2k screens, I asked him if he'd be willing to part with it for $40. He obliged, bypassing the middleman, and even gave me free shipping! I paid right there on the spot (PayPal), luckily it was payday. Little did I know, he was including the box, manuals, original, charger, and battery. The power-cords were still factory wound and the PSP is as new as is possible to get without buying sealed-in-box for well over a hundred bucks.

    Caveat? The screen was cracked, but I've opened up my 2k so many times, I know how much of a breeze it is to replace. Ordered the screen from AliExpress for $10.00, shipped from California. Asked the seller to make sure there were no dead pixels and waited. Came in about 7 days, installed in a half hour, CFW'd, and I am set! 48GBs of so many games it's hard to wrap my mind around + around 11 hours of portable on-the-go greatness! I re-celled the 2200mAh Extended Battery Pack myself and I couldn't be happier. And just want to thank kasabe once again! Thanks! Also wanna thank this community for everything else I've learned, which has been a ton. Nowadays, I just try to help whoever I can here. Thanks again!

    The new screen is utterly beautiful and the scan-line aspect honestly looks so nice and crisp, but I grew up with CRTs so I'm an old-head and appreciate the look. Really looks great with everything I throw at it and the response time is something I didn't expect to get better either, but there ya go! Very immersive.CCleaner Happy Wheels VLC
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