Thread: Is it possible to change the save location for a psp game?

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  1. #1 Is it possible to change the save location for a psp game? 
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    So what I was wondering is, is it possible to change the save location for a game? I've been working on a mod for thp8 on psp, and I want to try to get it to save to its own section, rather then loading/saving under the same spot as the base games, since that can mess up not only my mod if using a thp8 save, but mess up thp8 if using a save from my mod. Ive tried changing diffrent settings for the iso threw umd, and also tried changing every trace of the save stuff threw hex editing, but nothing seems to change it, and the most ive gotten is sometimes im able to get it to not be able to load/save anything at all, but most of the time it just stays the same and saves to the same spot, so if anyone could help me, that would be amazing, thank you.Xvideos Xnxx Chaturbate
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