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    sup everyone i bought a slim ps2 and returned it for a psp. i was doing some research and i ended up getting a version 1.5. not i'm ready to see what this thing can do. besides i didn't like the ps2 slim. i like my xbox more . i had one of the first psp's that came out on the first release. turned aroud and sold it because i didn't know what it was capable of. after reading the past few days i decided to get another one. so here i am. any pointers on what i should do first?
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    Oh there are so many things you can do. Welcome to the forums btw. Check out the homebrew section and you will get many ideas of what you can do. Download devhook though. That program is awesome... you can google it or I think it might be on here

    Alright I have provided a link the rest is up to you

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    welcome to the forums.
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    Welcome aboard trooper....go to either or and download to your heart's content

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    also (notoice the - wihtought that you come back here)

    Welcome to the Forums.
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    welcome to the site, enjoy your stay
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    Welcome to the forum!
    Look into Devhook, which lets you emulate the 2.71 firmware on a 1.5 (lets you play newer games, back up gaems, and have a web browser on the 1.5)
    Also read the "Ultimate Emulator FAQs" sticky in the software section. It will teach you the basics of installing homebrew on a 1.5. Good luck!
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    Welcome to the forums

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