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    Alright Guys!

    Quick Intro so as not to bore you to much and I'll try to avoid making it sound like a dating advert or something!

    I'm Dan, 24 from Manchester UK. I've got 2 psp's (greedy I know) one v1.5 and one with no mods what so ever on it. Stole the name Social Chameleon from Ian Browns song corpses, LEGEND!

    I know nothing about altering / changing the psp and I'm here to try and figure it all out although I am having trouble working out what programmes do actually do and how to use them. Even after reading various posts on here.

    If there is an idiots guide that is really really basic for me to get started on I would be greatful if some one could point it out to me.

    Cheers guys.
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    Welcome to the forums! ( I think this is the line people use to bump up there post count without having to put any effort into there message)

    But just so i'm not acussed of that, i'll do some research for you:
    With respect to your 1.5fw psp:
    - Go here to back up your games
    - Go Here to learn how to play them (Although this tutorial is kind of out dated). There is a simple installer for Devhook (someone here has it in there signature, maybe they can add to this).

    To play homebrew, it's a sinch...
    just download them off respectable psp sites and copy the folders into your PSP/GAME folder on your psp. They'll show up in yoru game menu.

    Last but not least, if you want to do some real cool things, get X-Flash (but read the directions VERY carefully, they're some features of it that WILL brick your psp if you don't' follow them properly).
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    Welcome to the forums

    "Think for yourself, question authority" - Timothy Leary
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    Welcome to the forums. Hope you stick around even after you get all your questions answered

    Your fellow Super Moderator. -Jrmdb3
    "Live life to the fullest"
    GAMERTAG: Jrmdb3
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    Welcome to the forums.
    Before you post please
    Read the sticky's Read the manual Use the search button Google it

    Drizzle's so cool he sh*ts icecubes.
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