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    just sayin wassup to all with psp's.. i had mine since it came out.. i didnt think the psp had forums.. but i guess i was wrong.. wellz see you guys and ladies around.. PEACE !
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    let me be the first to welcome you to the forums
    A mystery,
    enclosed in a conundrum,
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  3. #3 Has anyone ever played Illusion of Gaia on SNES 
    i pulled the old snes out of my closet today and was looking through the games i had. I was just wondering if anyone has played Illusion of Gaia before. it used to be my favorite game and I still havn't beaten it
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    Nope, never played that one.
    The great thing about the snes is that it uses the same AV cable as the 64, even the NES had AV out with standard RCA cables.

    I loved my megadrive (Genesis) and master system but neither had av out, the switch-boxes are awful and a direct cable it too much hassle.

    I do however curse the terrible quality of the battery backup in Mario Allstars carts. I remember them dying back when the snes was still a major system, trying to find a working one now is near impossible.
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    Nop! I've heard of that game, but I never played it...
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    thats a game i want to play. A few months ago i pulled out my snes and played

    Mario World
    Mario Kart
    Donkey Kong
    Lord Of The Rings
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