These are the definitive rules of They are enforced in all forums globally.
  • There will strictly be no discussing downloaded games and or direct linking piracy/warez of any kind. This includes ISO/CSO PSP games or any kind of copyrighted material.also dont tell us you downloaded a game and cant figure it out or its not working buy your games people and rip them to iso
  • There will be no posting of images/text/websites that are deemed to be pornographic, racist, homophobic, extreme violence, etc. Please use your common sense, if you don't think it's appropriate for a minor, don't post it.
  • If you are asking for help about your PSP, first use the SEARCH button. It is in the top navigation list at the top of the forum. You will likely find some information on there, and you can post to a current thread if need be. If you do post a thread, please give as much information as possible so we can help you.
  • Please do not double post and by that I mean posting twice in a row. You may bump a thread by replying again after 24 hours has passed, even if you were the last person to post in the thread. If 24 hours has not passed, please use the edit button on your existing post.
  • is an English speaking website, and whilst we happily accept users from around the world, please try to post in English language, otherwise chances are nobody will be able to help you. Please also try to type in proper English, rather than txt sp3k lyk dis. Again, it makes you easier to understand.
  • If you wish to advertise your website then please contact a member of staff. You're not going to win friends by spamming threads about your PSP blog, and winning friends is exactly what you're trying to do by advertising your website.
  • If you are not 100% sure of what you are talking about, then DO NOT give advice. You do not want to be the one who gives advice to someone that ends up bricking their PSP because they followed your advice.
  • If you want to repost a guide you see written here then please be respectful of the original author. Make a reasonable attempt to contact them and ask their permission and they'll likely give it to you. Members who have made guides but are no longer active here obviously can't give permission. In this case, permission will be given at the discretion of the staff.
Well... * Your post may be edited * A warning may be issued * Your post may be deleted (for serious infringement) * Temporary suspension from forums (for serious infringement) * Permanent suspension, you getting trolled hard by multiple people, and/or account deletion (for persistent and deliberate infringement) **I can't imagine circumstances that this will be necessary but do remember that by posting here, WE HAVE YOUR IP ADDRESS(ES) AND THE NAME OF YOUR ISP! Folks, nothing you do on the internet is anonymous these days. The current forum moderators can be seen and contacted by following this link: - PSPMOD.COM