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    what is the scoop on this? It looks really good. Is anyone actually running a build? I am linux retarded but I would like to give it a go around.
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    Compiz is another window manager like Beryl. Compiz and Beryl are merging for their next release.
    Check out my beryl thread...and I recommend either Ubuntu, Kubuntu, or Fedora Linux.
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    Compiz is the project that Beryl is based on, they both pull from the same core codebase.

    Generally the rule is:

    Compiz for slower systems, only the minor effects (wobbly windows and the cube.)
    Beryl for higher-end systems, all the effects.

    So if you've seen Beryl you've pretty much seen what Compiz does. I'd stick with Beryl though, unless you're running an underpowered videocard, then Compiz would be the best choice.
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