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    so i dual booted with Ubuntu and Vista which was easy. My problem is the screen resolution. its like its in safe mode, everything is bigger than it should be. so i look in the screen resolution and see theres only 2 options and none of them match my resolution which is 1280x1024 60hz refresh rate. so what am i supposed to do here to make it look normal? heres some screens.
    hmmm the screens look normal, but when using ubuntu its large.
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    You have to install the drivers for your ATi / nVidia card first, that's why the screen res is locked at 1024x768.

    Go to ubuntuforums. They will tell you how to fix it.
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    Thank you, i went there and downloaded this app called Envy and it did everything for me. now to start messing with it.
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    There's another program called AutoMatix 2 its good too.
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