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    Here's a couple of video conversion scripts that I wrote several months ago when I was converting a batch of videos for my iPod. I got a little tired of using the command line to convert each one, so I wrote these to make it a little easier the next time . I'm not a programmer or professional / experienced coder, just a trial-and-errorist (I think I just made up a word), so those of you who do actually know what you're doing, don't be too rough on me. I'm sure the code is no where near efficient, but it does what I wrote it to do, and the videos turn out well.

    Anyway, I wrote these to be run in the Gnome DE, but I'm sure they will run in KDE as well. You must have ffmpeg installed, as it is the encoder, and Zenity installed for the graphical interface.

    Hopefully these can be of use to another Linux user who is trying to get some videos on on their iPod or PSP.

    You can get them
    On this page

    I just replaced the FC install on my laptop with Ubuntu, and rechecked the scripts. They are still working well. But, while rechecking them I noticed that I had forgotten to list Mplayer as a requirement (the script uses Mplayer to determine video length). So I cleaned up the script a little, and added some sanity checks, to make sure the necessary apps were installed, as well as the necessary video and audio codecs. That way if the script fails, for someone, at least they know what caused it.

    Anyway, I just uploaded it to the server. If you've tried the script out already, you might want to give it another shot. You can get it at the same site.
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