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    anybody who knows about ubuntu. i need help installing things. the only thing ive been able to install is Beryl and Automatix and xDVDshrink. also i have not been able to install the flash plugin for firefox or Wine. can somebody help me.
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    first off, remove automatix. it WILL eventually break your system. it was designed for 6.06 and lower, and if you use it on 7.04, shit will happen! read this:
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    Many of your common questions can be answered by the official Ubuntu documentation, user submitted documentation (found on the official site) or on the Ubuntu forums.

    For your flash problem -
    If you've already done this, then let us know.

    For wine, open a console and type
    sudo apt-get install wine
    Or you can go to your "System" tab -> "Administration" -> "Synaptic Package Manager" and do a search for "wine". The first way is the quickest.

    Last thing, listen to what Master of Cthulhu said. Do not use automatix.
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