Thread: I want to install XP in my Asus Eee PC 900 !!!

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  1. #1 I want to install XP in my Asus Eee PC 900 !!! 
    hello guys..i m looking to install xp on my asus eee pc laptop..its has 20 gig hd and 1 gb ram...

    soo the thing is i want to install in my 2GB SD that i boot windows from my memory card through the built in card reader of my laptop..i did try it twice( actually i installed xp through my desktop computer into the sd card and after the process was over..i placed da card in the card reader of laptop where the get the following error)

    ..i got same error both the got installed and all..and when the pc restarted and all..the windows screen came..and then it shows that blue screen..something something microsoft saving ur system files..if you are seeing this error first time..restart your pc...must be because of some hardware..and more were written on that screen

    soo now the point is...please help me install xp on my sd card..i have the xp light version( they call it nlite) please gimme me step by step insturctions on how to do it..please buddies..god bless you..
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