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    So, I've been experimenting with Ubuntu 9.04, and since I'm very worried about messing up my PC, I decided I would use a program called Wubi to install Linux.

    Well, the install went nice and clean, but then I noticed a problem.

    I found a problem in Linux, and thought the best way to fix it would be to reinstall Ubuntu. So, I went into Add/Remove Programs to look for the uninstall file. Well, it wasn't there. That freaked me out, so I thought installing a new copy of Ubuntu would fix the problem. Well, the problem went away, but I still didn't get the 20 gigs back from the previous install of Ubuntu.

    I have uninstalled the reinstall Ubuntu partition, and am still missing 20 gigs of hard drive space. Do you know how I can fix this?

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    go to the root of ur hdd, is there a 'ubuntu' folder, go in it, theres a uninstall application (usually)
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    moved to linux help..

    and boot up a copy of ubuntu live cd, use the partition manager to delete the old ubuntu partition and merge it with your main one, then re-install ubuntu.
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    hello Jacob321
    you should run part Partition Table Doctor, and it will report some messages as follows:
    ERROR: No Active Primary partition on Harddisk1.
    Do you want set Active primary partition on Harddisk1? or it will give some missing directory. follow the steps, I hope your problem will solved.
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    You people don't read.

    He Said he used Wubi.

    In other words, it did not modify any partitions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by umby24 View Post
    You people don't read.

    He Said he used Wubi.

    In other words, it did not modify any partitions.
    well you and the poster before you don't read either, this thread is about 10 months old
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