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    i am running pclinuxos and have been looking for an mp4 converter tool that will convert any video file (or just most common formats) into mp4 with a 320x240 resolution

    so i can put videos on my psp, does this sorta software exsist

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    Total video converter 3.21 is the best u can c an option to convert direct to psp is is really good....!

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    no dude, just download psp video 9, google it, it converts all videos into mp4 format.

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    roxio sucks. doent give max resolution.
    ive tried my schools xilasoft or something like that and its pretty good. i have avs video converter which is awesome <3
    oh yea and they're not freeware.

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    any video converter
    works well for me

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    I use Cucusoft video converter. Lets me use video file or dvds to rip into mp4 . Easy one click stuff!

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    Trust me on this, download Xilisoft HD Converter. Has a lot of useful functions for PSP, ipod, PS3, Xbox 360, Archos,etc.

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    any video converter free, legal and easy to use

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    Total video converter is nice.

    Try one at a time and remember to download from or
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    are any of these programs in the pclinuxos synaptec repositories

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    I wonder, is downloading videos off of youtube legal?

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    Old thread is old.

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