i'll start by saying that it's weird to see the linux section has almost one year of inactivity

if you've played final fantasy 8 you know that it can be really annoying to draw magic from enemies
not only do you have to repeat the same procedure over and over, but there are like 10 characters which need to be filled up with magic
i timed myself once to see how fast i can gather 3x100 new magic (3 characters is the maximum you can have in a party) and it took me about 20 minutes, that means over one hour to get just one magic to all members, but there are tens, maybe hundreds of magic spells in the game
and while it may be challenging to do that the first time you play it, once you finished the game and want to play it again you don't really want to do that again
so what do you do then?
simple, cheat!

i found this great tool that lets you modify psx memory card files (mcr) directly from linux (i noticed it also has windows support)

to get the save file from the psx, just install cwcheat, load ff8 on the psp, while in game hold the select button, go to memory card management and select save memory card 1 to memory stick
then your mcr file will be saved on your /media/SONY/seplugins/cwcheat/mc
you can edit it from there using hyne, then go back in game and select load game from memory card and you should have the edited savegame