Thread: Commodore 64 is currently only for 64-bit processors

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    It looks pretty, it is really easy to use. AND IT'S ONLY FOR 64-BIT COMPUTERS!

    Make sure you note this if you make a boot disc and try to make your own Commodore Vision box.

    I sat for around 3 hours this past weekend troubleshooting why on earth this boot disc kept freezing during installation/upgrading.

    You would think they would have a message pop up or something that said (Hey idiot, this is only for 64-bit).

    What a disappointment. As an alternative, I installed linux Mint with an Amiga

    It should work for now, but hopefully they make a 32-bit version.
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    In my Linux thread I told you that I was skeptical about this release. If it only supports 64-bit, it is just stupid. Don't waste your time. Besides, what is the use for it? Just use your Commodore emulator.

    Mint is also stupid. I installed it twice and both times it got stuck upgrading and I had to wipe it away.
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