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    I am pleased to have this place to share with all of the mac-s3xuals and mac-curious folk here at PSPMOD. At the moment I am tied down with an extensive XHTML project, anyone that has spent days looking at code will feel me. I am tired of this shit and it's due tomorrow. I am running last minute validations and what not to insure my A. I have a lot to post here when I am done. Props to julie for making this happen.

    **** the word filter
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    its funny how i was thinking about getting a g3 as an experimental mac rig off of ebay and the mac section suddenly appears, its more tempting to buy that g3 han ever!

    p.s check your pm inbox
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    no you check your PM. Be careful with a G3 the processor works so fast it causes a rip in the fabric of time and space.

    seriously read the heads up I gave you, the G3 (I hope you are not talking about a pre-B&W, if you are stop what you are doing it's a bad idea.) is not a bad Machine, just dont expect tiger to run perfectly on a machine from 1999. It will run, unlike a PC counterpart from 1999 trying to run Vista. It will be a little sluggish mainly because of the limited bus speed and standard RAGE 128 video card that packs a blistering 16MB of video RAM. I love my B&W its my ubuntu machine.
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    if you can, get a g4, they're supported all the way through to leopard and they'd be a good investment as a file server, often cheeper to get that than to buy a full network attached storage system.
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