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    Here I will post tips I find to be quite useful. Keep in mind I run Tiger so there may be some things that will not work on previous releases; although Panther SHOULD be compliant with everything listed.

    Adding an icon toolbar to Finder
    A lack of a taskbar like feature in OS X was brought to my attention, so here is the sorta remedy. I find the dock to be really flexible to meet all my needs; but some people need to drop their windows addiction one step at a time.

    So here we have an open finder window

    Open up another finder window and navigate to your Apps folder.

    Drag an App icon to the space seen in the photo, hold it there untill you see a green plus, then let go.

    You now have access to your favorite Apps from any finder Window.

    You don't have to use two finder windows, I just though it worked better for Demo purposes. Go forth and add shortcuts galore.

    *to remove the icons hold command and drag them off the window.

    Minimise all windows for an App

    I find this really useful when I have multiple things open in an Adobe suite, that are on top of other open Apps like Safari or iTunes. This trick works for MOST Apps, you might find it will not work with one of your favorite Apps; and I warned you.

    It's simple:

    You have 10 open windows for one App, Option+click the minize button to access what lies beneath. Option+click a minimized window in the dock to expand all windows for that App. You might find that it works to batch minimize, but will not batch maximize. Experiement before maximizing 30 windows to discover you have to maximze them all manually.

    *f11 will brush everything you have open off to the side to give you a clean desktop, this trick is handy to get access to things open; but under what you are working on.

    Want to get a better peek at something tiny without messing with view settings?

    Hold down the command key and scrool with your mouse wheel. Way neat. You can zoom in so much that your cursor is the only thing on the screen.

    Works with a trackpad on a laptop as well, just use the trackpad in place of the scroll wheel.

    Swipe the Desktop
    I like a tidy desktop, but some people prefer a naked desktop.

    Here's how to do it:

    You can remove everything off your desktop manually except mounted drives. To get rid of your Drives go to finder preferences.

    Click on the general tab
    You'll see desktop display options, simply de-select the Hard drives option.

    *I see no good use for the following tip*

    You can also remove them from the finder sidebar, I have no idea why you would want to do this, but here goes.

    click the sidebar tab in finder preferences
    and disable the Hard drive option
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    Re-size partitions on the fly
    **Requires 10.4.6 or Later!!

    This requires use of the Terminal, if you are a Mac Noob you might not know what that is. It's like the DOS command prompt, but UNIX and on Mac.

    I highly suggest backing up your data before messing with this. A typo, could make for BAD things to happen.

    The terminal is not for kiddies, it's for the big boys. If you are not comfortable with your ability to perform the listed commands, then by all means DON'T.

    ::::::Here we go::::::
    You will need to open terminal


    Everyone, this is Darwin.

    Darwin, this is everyone.

    Meet, greet, and make friends because Darwin kicks ass.

    type- "diskutil" and press return

    As you can see there are many functions listed. (most of these work in OS X releases before Tiger)

    I'm tired but I i wll pick back up on this tomorrow.

    I also decided that what I was about to show everyone, may not be the best thing to throw out there. I don't want to feel obligated to provide support for someone who messes up their Main partition and loses everything.

    I will however show everyone some badass things in Darwin.
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