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    After a lengthy debate at work about Vista, I went home and installed it again. We use some scaled down crap version at work, I installed ultimate on my Dell dimension 4700. Not the best rig, but free. It is running slightly smoother than the previous OS, XP corporate pro. However the drivers on the CD that came with machine are not compatible with Vista. My major complaint is probably more with DELL than MS at the moment, since I have no Audio.

    My first opinion is that some of the new stuff is nice, but a lot of it is annoying. I am going through and trying to get everything up the way I would want it. I am constantly annoyed by program permissions.

    For a 2.8ghz P4 HT it is running nice. I had anticipated that it would require dual core to chug along smoothly. I had previously installed it once but I had a negative outlook, and reformatted it off within hours.

    If anyone has got audio working on a dimension 4700, holla. I need that. I am going to put some more research into it, my preliminary effort was just

    The similarities to Ubuntu and OS X are far from unnoticed. It is also being gay about hooking up to my existing home network at the moment. It seems to want to run its own network. I suppose it would be easier to add the other machines to the network, but I already have the existing NET setup the way I want.

    It also is not talking to my Mac, surprise? I think not. XP and OS X talked all the time with no qualms. Of course this is all preliminary thoughts on Vista. Give me a couple of days and I am sure I will have a more in depth analysis than anyone would want to read.

    Can it be better than OS X? Look for a comparison later in this thread.
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    you can easily disable the uac (all the permissions garbage) by going to control panel>user accounts and clicking on "Turn User Account Control on or off". also, as far as connecting to the mac, vista has issues with name resolution on lans, I've had to mess with it several times for some corporate networks, so if this is your problem, right now the best way to get around it is to map a network drive using the IP address of the host computer rather than the network name.
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