Here you can post your Mac/Apple goods to trade or sell. I suppose you could also post WTB.

I'll start off, since I dropped cash on an Intel today, one of my other precious Macs has to go; I can't afford it without getting rid of one of my beloved. I SHOULD have dropped the cash on a next gen, but I got excited about the Intel.

So I have chosen my Pristine Powermac G4 (sawtooth) as the one that has to go.

Heres the Specs.

1.2ghz OWC Mercury extreme G4 processor.

This thing is barely two months old. It has switches to control clock speed, 1.2ghz is the stock frequency. I booted it @ 1.4ghz and it was stable; however I only ran it at that speed for a little under an hour. Awesome processor, retails for $199.
heres the owc link
I have the OWC box and little manual sheet that comes with it still.

896mb of RAM, expandable to 2GB.
DVD-RW drive


No keyboard/Mouse/Display

Also the only spare drives I have at the moment are 6GB, but I do have two.
I can install tiger (which runs fineon this rig), and we can talk software; cause I got it.

First $375+shipping takes it.

This has been a great Mac for me, the processor upgrade makes this G4 better than it was ever meant to be. Also it has been my Mac, so you know it has been taken care of in the most kind manner.