As most people in the know, know; the rapture is upon us because Windows now works with Mac. Instead of turning away in fear, try it.

I am running Vista ultimate on a Mac mini, and it's pretty spiffy if I do say so myself. Even with the Mini's "vampire" video biting off my 512 Ram, aero and the cube desktop run fine.

This provides a wonderful solution for me, since I can finally run over my PC with a car, several times, without regrets. If you are a Mac user that is in denial about it being a windows world, then your head is lost somewhere up your ass.

How is it working? Seamlessly, thats how. My built in airport and blue tooth are functioning, as well as my Apple front row remote; that now works as a WMP remote.

I can now get down on some windows only Apps. I am not much of a gamer, but I ill install something to let you all know how windows gaming goes down on a Mac.

Got an Intel? Want the best of both worlds on one machine? Here's how it goes down.

First you need to be running 10.4.6 or later.

Your decided flavor of Windows depends on if you have a single core Intel or a dual core Intel. Remember XP Home DOES NOT have dual-core support, XP pro does. Your XP disc has to have SP2 enabled. The 349 flavors of Vista work with dual core and any flavor will do.

Make sure your Mac has the latest firmware update.

look it up dummy

Off to camp

Get boot camp and install it.

Now locate it

Run it (it will make you shut down all other Apps)

It will ask you to burn a disc of Macintosh drivers for windows, if you appreciate airport/sound/video; I suggest you comply and burn the disc.

After that use the slider to decide how much space to dedicate for windows, then partition. I suggest NOT splitting it down the middle, instead make the windows partition a distinctive number (size in GB) to be identified later. When thats done, you will be prompted to insert your windows disc; do so. Your mac will now restart and go under the knife for a s3x change.

Follow your windows installer steps like you would with a PC. Be sure to install to the right partition, Vista is smart enough to only allow you to install to the NFTS partition. XP on the other hand, will erase a partition if you are not careful. You should be able to identify the correct partition by the distinctive size you made it. If you **** this up you will have a windows only Mac. Bad things happen to good people, indeed.

During installation, your machine might do some unorthodox things, I suggest patience. Wait it out, and don't turn it off. Sooner or later, windows boots for the first time. Your eject button for the disc drive may not work, so right click (or command+click) the drive and select "eject"; familiar. Now insert the drivers disc you made, you should get an auto prompt to run setup.exe, if not explore the disc and launch it. Install your drivers, reboot, and your Mac is now a full function Windows PC as well.

Start-up disk is now added to your control panel, but it does not work for windows. You have to hold down option during boot to get to your boot options. Whatever OS you choose will be the default booting OS until you choose the other manually.

Lets see those PC people mock your mighty Mac now that you the best of both worlds. Pretty soon you will be able to dual boot Vista and Leopard, both of the next-gen OS on one machine. If only that PS3 played 360 games. Boot camp is a standard built in feature for Leopard, FYI.

*i don't care what anyone says, sidebar sucks; and you windows people know it.