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    There are two ways of doing this, the complicated way; and my way.

    The complicate method can be found here

    Although I have the skills with the terminal that are necessary to triple boot, I got lazy. My way is slightly simpler and actually leeches off the boot loader for Vista.

    *I recommend having an extrenal/extra drive for this*

    first do your install of boot camp with vista. This will partition your main internal drive into two. mac/windows

    After you got that going your way, boot into OS X.

    Now use disk utility


    to partition your extra/external drive.

    I split mine into three equal parts.

    extra storage for windows/mac and a boot partition for linux (kubuntu, which is way better than unbuntu IMO)

    use the drop down menu to select 3 partitions, by default it splits into equal pieces.

    then highlight each partition and select the proper file system formats.

    be sure to un-check the box that says "install drivers for OS 9, save OS 9 for your PPC mac.

    so select HFS journaled for the mac partition

    for windoze you need to highlight the partion space and click the options button, there you will see selectable radio buttons. One of which is for the MS DOS format. Select that since it will mount in windows and you can format to NTFS in windoze later.

    for the third partition, leave it as free space.

    now insert your linux live disc and select it as the start up disk.

    when you go to install linux select "use the largest continuous space". This way you will not have to manually edit partitions, and you are sure not to over write mac/windoze.

    When the install is complete restart. hold down your option key and there will still only be two options.

    choose windoze and then the vista boot loader will appear offering vista and linux as options. MS code can be good for somethings.

    May or may not work with XP, attempt at the risk of wasting your time.

    Also you probably will get some goofy messages about partitions during vista boot just sit tight and wait for it to boot (about 15-20 sec). Even though it offers Linux as an option on the boot loader, it does not like the partitions linux makes.
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    nice guide, just finished paying off my bills, so im going to get a mac soon (seriously this time :P)
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