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    So I booted up windows on my mac to do some experimenting with gaming.

    I have a limited selection of PC games.

    GTA: VC
    Runs perfectly on all the highest settings on my mini. Keep in my mind that their is only 512mb of RAM in my mini and it is vampire video. None theless this game was clean and smooth.


    ya ya hate hate hate......

    However this game was also really smooth and playable. With extra RAM it could easily be played on the highest settings. I played on high settings and the lag was hardly noticeable, but noticeable enough when I am in the zone getting down on some H1 action.

    I was going to play online but it requires an update, so I did it, but now it won't let me play my bootleg copy. I don't feel like searching for the patch right now. If you got it, make my life easy.

    Far Cry-

    knock the settings down a little bit and let the tropical mayhem begin. This game was just as I remembered it when I played it on my 64 but AMD setup.

    So windows gaming works just as good on the mac hardware.

    These are not the most demanding games I know, but my selection s limited. I am not much of a PC gamer, so I am not going to bootleg some 2/3gb file for testing purposes.

    At work one of the Mac guys loaded up some demanding games on a mac pro and they were WAY better than the installs on the "gaming" PCs we sell.

    So if your a gamer and you tire of the world of windows, come to the land of mac. You can always boot up windows and game just as if you were using a PC.

    By the By,
    Linux is flawless on an Intel Mac. Three flavors come together in one aesthetically pleasing package.
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    interesting. try testing it with World of Warcraft, Half Life 2, and F.E.A.R
    R.I.P Zoidberg
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    well there's a mac version of WoW already if i'm not mistaken. If it can run FarCry, HL2 shoulnd't be much... still think ubuntu > macs xD
    is it just me, or do newbies ALWAYS have the worst fucking grammar and spelling known to man?!
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    isn't WOW online only? Sorry but I am not going to buy a game like WOW just to test, I would never play it for real.

    I am looking into half-life.

    Basically any game that can run on an Intel core duo will run on a windows install of a mac just the same.

    Macbooks and Mini's are vampire video so you will want to beef up the RAM, which is what anyone would do anyways. I just am waiting for the pc2-5300 mac memory to go on sale at work so I can add my employee discount on top of it.Since I happen to know that it will go on sale sometime next week I am waiting until then.

    With the seamless integration provided by the Mac drivers cd you burn during the boot camp setup, there is little to no reason not to get a Mac now. They run windows just like their counterparts, which are unable to run OS X.

    Someone can say the price, but compare a PC with the same specs price to the Mac price. There is little difference.

    Even though bootcamp is stupid easy to setup, some will avoid it citing a lack of technical know how. If steve starts offering bootcamp with windows pre-installed they could start making some serious moves in the market. Keep in mind boot camp is in it's beta form right now. It will be a standard feature with leopard. I have yet to see a flaw in it. I doubt MS will allow Apple to start shipping with OEM windows installed though.

    *anyone that is reading this that has an Intel mac and a copy of windows, boot camp is free.

    All that is needed is

    Intel Mac
    Windows CD (xp home or Pro with SP2 on the disc, all versions of Vista)
    blank CD
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