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    So a PC magazine ranks 10.4 (Tiger) in the top 10 of their top 100 list for 2007. Vista is not found in the top 10.

    "We can't name one feature found in Vista that goes beyond what can be done in Tiger"

    Parallels Desktop also ranked in the top 10, the program that allows you to run vista and OS X at the same time.

    Apple's dropping bottom line products, hopefully to re-introduce some sort of low end products. Don't be mistaken 2008 is the year of the Apple. I predict the creator of the PC market will come back in full force to bite off a bigger chunk.

    I suggest MS get to making some sort of bundled app pack such as iLife to keep the attention of consumers.

    crashlife 07 where you at?
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    who got 1st???????
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    Vista does not even make the top 100.

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    that is because Vista is overated...
    no offense to people that use it
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    Quote Originally Posted by wolf0491
    that is because Vista is overated...
    no offense to people that use it
    Yeah, it's true. Way back in 2006 I was using Vista RC2 as a test platform for limited VB programming and to compare it to Linux running Beryl. Even though it was beta I still told people who hadn't tried it yet to stay away from it because it was gonna suck at release, and maybe even suck period. Nobody believed me. Then the RTM came and suddenly everyone is saying "Vista sucks!"

    All I can say is "Yeah, ya think? It IS a Microsoft product after all."
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    Microsoft isn't too bad, I mean I have never really had any problems with them. Sure, Windows isn't that great, but look how appealing it is to people. Why? cause it's been around so long. It's survived longer than it was supposed to though, taking a look back to like 95, that's when Windows first came out (right?) so everybody moved there from DOS. Understandable. 98 wasn't too bad either. 2000, ehhh... not much improvement (as far as I can tell), and then XP and everybody hated it and then came to grips with it once it worked through it's flaws. I think Vista should've never come out, and Microsoft should've done some kind of deal with Apple to get some new variation of OS X that runs fine on the PC architecture. Other than OS X I never heard of an operating system that only runs on one or two architectures. Why is that? Just tactical marketing?

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    Windows originated from Steve jobs allowing Bill gates to play with the Mac OS in the early 80's. Microsoft blatantly stole the Mac OS and re-vamped it and called it windows. There were several versions of windows before 95, the most popular being 3.1, and windows 386.

    The Mac OS was first available to the public to have a mouse and GUI, before that it was all text command lines. Microsoft steals all its "innovations" from Apple and most recently other open source OS distributors.

    The wow starts when you say "WOW this totally bites off Apple".

    If you have a chance to use windows 3.1, you will see it is pretty much a clone of Mac OS 7.

    So pretty much every thing you said was wrong. Microsoft is included as the OS on most every PC you buy from a store, because they bully the market. People use MS because the company that distributes the software they need has been bullied into coding exclusively for windows. for the most part it is just because the consumer does not care, and does not know that there are alternatives to windows. 90% of people are using windows , all the while windows is less secure/solid than the alternatives.
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    I have vista
    it's allright
    i got it for free so yer know
    may as well
    my only naggle with it is that
    it doesnt work with my printer ink management software
    so when a cartridge runs out its guess work as which to replace
    oh and it also cuts off my wireless connection randomly
    and it needs quite a high end graphics card to run
    I have a radeon x300 (cheapest off the cheap)
    and ive upgraded to an X800 XL
    just to keep the graphics stopping the system goin slow

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    im really not surprised Vista didnt make the top 10 list... espically since most people dislike windows, but cant change for fear of losing the programs they love so much. wheres the fun in life if you dont try new things? as i see it, a mac is something new and exciting to me and something ill definetly see myself in the market for in the immediate future. i have my hearts set on a 12" G4 Powerbook
    R.I.P Zoidberg
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    Quote Originally Posted by urineanus

    If you have a chance to use windows 3.1, you will see it is pretty much a clone of Mac OS 7.
    Urineanus, MS had Windows 95 out two years before OS8....and released 3.1 only a year after OS7 was originally released. Then again...someone's got to be ahead.

    Windows 3.1 release = 1992
    OS 7 final release = 1997
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