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Thread: Tablet or Macbook?

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  1. #1 Tablet or Macbook? 
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    May 2007
    For my birthday my Mom is either going to let me have her laptop and a tablet pc or buy me a macbook (with all the lowest specs. though -.-)
    Which one should I get. Can I get some specs that are cheap and some sites that are reccomended?

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    Senior Member PSP Elite Hacker BLACKOUT's Avatar
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    Jul 2005
    macbook, less viruses and less hastle, macbooks are nicer and the ladies like them more.
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    Damn, wish girls around here were smart enough to see past the slight geeky-ness in haveing a laptop, I wonder what'd happen if I walked into school with a nice laptop.... well mod squad, I think you are better off getting a Macbook simply because you can do waaaaay more with a macbook than you could with a tablet PC of the same price or even a bit more. Go with the macbook and don't look back. Macs are sweet.

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    Dec 2006
    I'd have to reccommend the Macbook, tablet PC's are essentially useless for everything other than office/writing work. I mean, they have expansion ports for keyboards and mice and such, but they tend to be very underpowered when it comes to visual capabilities, this means no gaming. You'd be able to watch DVD's on it, and MAYBE some DivX/XviD movies if the GPU is powerful enough, but that's about it. Tablets are made for one thing - work.
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    macbook all the question about it.
    success comes one step at a time

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    Senior Member PSP Elite Hacker urineanus's Avatar
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    Jan 2007
    should a chop my hand off or leave it on?

    assanine poll, macbook is obvioulsy the way to go.

    *by the by

    This thread has 48 hours to live, then I kill it; so throw your two cents in.............NOW!
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    Nov 2006
    I agree with darked's reasoning. get a macbook
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    Senior Member I Modded My PSP whitelamp's Avatar
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    Mar 2007
    Macbook, or if you dont want a laptop, get a mini.
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