Thread: Do I need antivirus protection on a mac?

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  1. #1 Do I need antivirus protection on a mac? (and other questions about software) 
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    Do I need antivirus protection on a mac?
    This question may be absurd, but until it's answered, it's just going to keep nagging me at the back of my mind.
    I'm also wondering if there is any way to "lock down" tiger for increased security, and if tiger can read and write to ext3.

    EDIT: Thanks for the confirmation.
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    My dad works with really important stuff and he doesn't use software for protection. I don't think he's ever had a security problem on any of his macs. I tried looking for protection software but all I found was this Virus Barrier stuff (which seemed like crap, so I took it off). As for your other questions, what do you mean by "Lock down Tiger"? If your afraid of prying eyes set yourself up so that you can just move your mouse to a certain corner and your screen saver will come up, and whenever somebody moves the mouse a message pops up asking for your password to unlock your user again.

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    i doubt it, os x is good for now.
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    virus protection software will do more harm than good, it will just soak up system resources while not really having anything to protect you from. Software update is the best thing you can do for the security on your mac. As far being able to read/write EXT, it does not have those capabilities out of th box, however it's quite possible somebody knows how to do this; more than likely involving the terminal. You can get linux to mount HFS, so you could just mount the mac drive there. You can also set safari to privacy mode where it wont leave footprints and gives you an extra sense of security while online. None of my machines use any advanced measures for internet security and I have never had an issue.
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