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    hi..i just got my first g4, and it has no software in it. what linux or what should i put in it ? it`s a g4, dual core, 450 mghz, 1mb cache, 128 sd ram, hdd 30 (40?), grapichs 128mb ati radeon.
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    Erm, I would go with Xubuntu, as seeing your ram portion is quite small...
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    Salvage ram from an old machine, this mac can take most PC 133/100 memory from PCs. If you have an old PIII machine you can get at you can find this memory. Then, put 10.3 panther on it, as well as a partition of linux if you would like. The g4 powermacs are a good first mac.

    p.s. its not a dual core, it has two processors.
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