Thread: Rumors of new iPod/iPhone to be released later this year?

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  1. #1 Rumors of new iPod/iPhone to be released later this year? 
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    Apple recently released a patent for a small hand held device. Their plans are an iPhone that runs along the lines of the iPod Nano with a clickwheel feature for dialing and navigation. The "iPhone nano" is expected to be around half the price of the current iPhone.

    "We believe that the iPod Nano will be converted into a phone because it is probably the only way for Apple to launch a lower-end phone without severely cannibalising the iPod Nano," Kevin Chang, a JP Morgan analyst based in Taiwan, told the Sydney Morning Herald.

    The analyst predicted that the device would cost around half that of the current iPhone models, which retail at $499 and $599, and that this would dramatically increase sales.
    Sales of 10 million units are predicted for the current iPhone range by the end of next year, but Chang predicted sales of 30 to 40 million for the smaller device.
    Gene Munster, an analyst at Piper Jaffray, largely agrees with Chang. "We believe that the iPhone reveals much of what the iPod will soon be," he said.
    "IPods with some of the touch-screen features of the iPhone should lessen the impact of cannibalisation."

    source- Analysts predict arrival of 'iPhone Nano' -

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    If the price is cut in half...i would definatley go buy one...get those prepaid cards like urineaus said

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    ya this is not happening anytime soon. You MIGHT see an improved iphone sometime in early 2008, with 3G.
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