Hey, my cousins bought a PSP the other day and I had seen a few videos on YouTube and had heard about homebrew stuff and found this forum. They were thinking about trying to use custom firmware (currently at 2.60) and I don't know much about it (I still don't have a PSP) besides what I have read so far, but thats for another section.

So, I saw this section of the forum and I was wondering if anyone here would want to buy a PowerBook G3 Lombard? I was mostly using it to browse through forums and listen to shoutcast stations or music through this winamp-like program and using the internet with a wireless USB adapter I bought that works with Linux (Xubuntu). It has the battery, A/C adapter, CD-Rom drive, and some booklets and manual (but not meant for Linux :P). The PowerBook is 333Mhz, 512K Cache, 64MB Ram, 8MB Video. And then the hard drive I think is still the original, on the label it says Sep-99 and SOMETIMES it shows hard drive errors when starting up but it does work as it is for browsing and playing music.

So, I haven't used it much anymore and was wondering if anyone here would like it and would like to make me an offer?