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    ok i just bought a new mac book...yes yes yes it is awsome...however i needed to play this game that only works in i installed parralels 3.0 and windows xp as well....i dont see a diff with the performance of my machine...but am a little uneasy in having windows on my mac...does this make it rune slower or anything? also does anyone know any good app to keep this machine running fast and smooth..u know..stuff that cleans the cashe and stuff...anythign to make this baby faster =] .....ur post are graetly appreciated...thx
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    the mac should run fine if you just leave it, the cleanup jobs and all that sort of things are done by the OS if you leave it to idle.

    parallels is good, but if you want to make it foolproof, back up your image after you've installed everything to it.
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    I run VMWare fusion myself. Didn't have a problem. But then again, I'm running a hackintosh. Never had VMWare or Parallels installed on my Macbook Pro though. I prefer my macbook pro being a pure OS
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    if you have leopard on your computer, you should have used bootcamp, installed windows, then installed windows drivers from the leopard install disk.

    but anywho, i recommend getting trend micro if you want that XP to keep running smoothly.
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