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    i have a 13" mac book with a intel core 2 duo with 1 g of ram. I need to flay the game ffxi on it however it is only a windows based game. I am familar with multiple programs that allows me to run xp and then run the game. However i have only tried one (parallels) and it did not work. The machine booted up pretty nicely however it could not run the game. I have tried various versions of paralles and none seemed to support the 3d gameing platform. I would like to know what other applications i can run that will run final fantasy 11 on my mac. Anything else other than also it would be sweet if it has been proven and known to run direct x games on them...thanks^^
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    bootcamp is the way to go to play games through ur macbook. I did the same things with trying to run halo through parrallels. It would not start the game and would always give me an errror and i also have 2 gigs. Direct x 10 and open gl wouldnt work. Even if u got it to work it would not run to its capability since paralels is sharing the same memory as you OSX. If your going to run any 3d games that are not mac compatable, you need bootcamp, since bootcamp alows you to boot whichever operating system you need at the time.
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    i would also suggest trying a program called wine, which allows you to load .exe files under osx. also, the macbook graphics chip has NO 3d capabilities, so 3d games are pretty much out of the question
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    Bootcamp is the way to go to play games. No 3d games on a macbook? I don't know about that. My mini has the same shared video setup and I have played halo on it under bootcamp. Another plus about bootcamp is that it is free on apple's website, unless the beta has expired due to the upcoming version that is built into leopard. Still though like it or not the best way to play PC games is on a PC. That fact does not really bother me because I am not concerned with spending a grip of money to constantly update a PC to be able to play the latest FPS or whatever; I prefer consoles. Besides that what good is a killer game when you get a blue screen.
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    it's still free, and it's apparently going to be available for download for tiger for a good while, even whilst leopard is out.
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