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    ::::Warning if you are sick of iPhone related news, read no further!::::

    Greetings people. I woke up this morning to discover something amazing awaiting me on null river's, GPS! Seems Apple's little darling just got even better.

    Seems the folks over at Navizon have stepped up to the plate to provide GPS to the Google maps. I considered this a feature that should definitely have been included out box. However it is not 100% accurate, that being said though it never guessed me far off from my actual location. Making this a very useful application. Go third party iPhone developers!

    Apple recently stated that they would not go out of their way to prevent third party applications with future software updates. Then however, they retracted that statement claiming “Future updates will most likely disable third party applications and modifications.” Seems this second statement was made the day before the first open source GUI unlock application surfaced.

    If the new update with the mobile wifi itunes store prevents third party applications then it is not worth the update. I dont care about mobile itunes or starbucks anyways. The third parties are making amazing things, and I may just stay with my open source iPhone. I am rocking 800+ NES games on my iPWN, and its delightful; yet Apple may want to take it all away from me.

    Peep some screen shots I took.

    The start up screen

    It came close, I am in the portion I circled.

    So it gets you close enough so that you can find your way to where you are going.

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    Just checked my too. Agree works pretty good.

    Love Summerboard easy to make changes.
    success comes one step at a time

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