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    As you may well know many complaints have been spoken about the new dock . I am here to show you how to modify the dock to whatever you want. In fact I have made several different docks to go along with various wallpapers. I am the type of person to switch desktop wallpapers constantly.

    :::::You will need:::::
    A basic understanding of Finder
    Photoshop or image editor of your choice
    A mac running 10.5

    Open a finder window

    Now select your startup disk on the left panel

    Then navigate to system/library/coreservices

    There is a file called dock in here

    Left click (or control+left click) the dock file, and select show packages contents

    There is a file called resources, open it

    Inside this folder you are looking for the .png files named


    copy these originals to somewhere safe

    Then open them one by one in your image editor (I use Photo Shop)

    This way you know the exact dimensions and since you have a back up you can alter them.

    Make them what you want.

    Back up the originals one more time to a different location, just to be sure.

    now drag the originals from the resource folder to the trash, you will have to authenticate this action

    Replace them with the ones you created, they have to be named the same and be .png (I hope you assumed that part)

    When you are done open up terminal

    thats applications, utilities for you noobs

    type what is in quotes, without the quotes, followed by return

    "killall Dock" yes the terminal is case sensitive

    and there you have your new dock

    feel free to experiment and make multiple ones, I have.

    here is one example I made

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    Nice mod...I'll have to try it myself.
    success comes one step at a time

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    Sweet! That is so Cool!
    More simple mods please Urineanus


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    It will work for Tiger?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alexgodcool View Post
    It will work for Tiger?
    uh. probably. It just may be that the location and name of those files is different. But you can probably alter the tiger dock.
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    guys i know this is kinda off topic, but i'm desperate and all of you are mac users, so do you know how to downgrade a 3.95 fat psp using a mac? i created a pandora battery already and i'm can't find a way to make a mms....
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    this isnt a thread to get info like that from man
    I hold the Ban Guitar.
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    Awesome! (My MPB run Leopard (10.5)
    I modded my PSP!!

    PSP Phat modded with CFW 5.00 M33-6

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    There's an easier and less intrusive way of modding your dock in Leopard. It's an app I used called DockDoctor. It's a free app that can change a dock between 3D and 2D, and can also take mod files you make yourself if you're Photoshop savvy.
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