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    well i found a bootcamp that'll run on my G5, but since i have leopard, no need for it.

    Since i can't run leopard on my G3, anyone know where i can download a bootcamp for it? the one i have is for the intel macs, and i having a powerbook, can't use it.

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    windows will not run natively on a PPC based mac. You need an intel.
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    bootcamp will not run on a g3, you need to use virtual pc instead, but using virtual pc, you can only run windows within osx, so it is very very slow, especiallyon the specs you are saying, hope this helps
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    Boot Camp cannot run on PPC. (besides, you need Leopard)

    On the G3 or G5, you could use Microsoft Virtual PC, or Q. Then to use them you would need to start OS X then run either of these emulators.
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