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    ok i found this site claiming that they give away free ipods.
    you have to choose 1 offer and have at least 5 referrals to get an 8gb ipod touch

    the article i found says to go with the offer as its free, but you need to enter a credit car number...

    SO, if anyone is willing to try this, got to - Get a Free iPod Touch

    and this is the article link...

    Quote Originally Posted by
    hey, as some of may not know, i got my 16gb iPod Touch for FREE! I am going to tell you exactly how to do it.

    your very own Apple Ipod Touch 16GB or iPod Touch 8GB for free, $0.00! A Brand NEW, Factory Sealed Ipod Touch for FREE!!!

    Follow these simple steps and get yourself an ipod touch for free.

    Step 1: Follow this link (click or copy and paste) - Get a Free iPod Touch <— please copy and paste this link. The registration process is very simple and quick, enter in your information then choose the referral account. You wont have your information given to anyone else, so that means no Spam Mail!

    (they are a total legit site, if you want check the testimonials if you dont believe me). I myself have done a few of their sites getting anything from xbox games to an ipod touch, so you can trust me that this is NO SCAM. Also if you have any questions please email me at:

    STEP 2: (YOU HAVE TO DO THIS TO GET YOUR FREE IPOD TOUCH) complete just 1 offer, a lot of the offer are free or $1 trials you have to do 1 credit worth of offers. There are plenty of cool offers to choose from, but the offer that i completed is the I liked it because it gave me instant credit and was free, but still requires a credit card. Dont cancel your offer because credit might be revoked.but you should also take a look at some of their other offers, they are good too.

    Step 4: Then finally refer the required amount of people:

    Ipod Touch 16gb is 8 referrals

    Ipod Touch 8gb is 5 referrals

    $350 is 7 referrals

    $350 Apple Card is 7 referrals

    Then order your Ipod and it will be shipped right out for you free of charge! Enjoy your free Apple Product!

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    Like Oh Em Gee, like i like your like name and like i feel like this like should be like a thread and like not something handled in like a PM.
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    no more of those sites. we did them a long time ago and the forum just gets out of control.

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