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    Since the firmware on the ipod 3rd gen is encrypted is it possible to downgrade or hack into it by making a iPandora's battery XD.
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    you want to move the pandoras battery exploit to the ipod? good-luck
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    lmao...dont make me cry XD

    ipandora battery...just... el oh el...
    18/12/2007 05:19 PM free2rap622: i know
    18/12/2007 05:19 PM Nosympathy: stuff aint cheap, but it'll give you cfw...
    18/12/2007 05:19 PM Nosympathy: means u need alotta 24K gold
    grayfox_snake: u write inglish fine
    12/12/2007 05:43 PM The_Mechanix: yeah
    12/12/2007 05:43 PM Nosympathy: and the smallest penis
    12/12/2007 05:43 PM The_Mechanix: nick nack paddy whack i still got the biggest sack
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