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    but i think you all might enjoy this.

    Ya'll heard of that game called crysis? well NASA and MIT students worked together to build a custom cray computer to try and run the thing at full settings. It was a success!...for 10 mins...

    they managed to get the game up and running for 10 full mins, started playing the first level, before getting a critical system error.

    china has declared that they will run the game at full settings and play the entire game within a month! whatd nasa have to say? PFFFT! this game will be fully played and run for hours in america long before china!

    but a custom cray computer than makes a PS3 look like a psp compaired to a fully loaded Dell H2C...i mean...what an effin game!

    i dk what the specs are on the cray comp exactly, but if you google it, im sure you could find an idea.

    Chances of you running at full settings anytime soon?! F NO! the Dell H2c fully loaded is almost 10K and the thing would buckle under Crysis at full settings like a baby holding a car above its head with one hand. Whats the possable cost of that cray? 200-300K easy? i do the math...

    EDIT: just looked, it was a cray xt3, which can have 96 AMD Opterions per cabinet, running at 2.6GHz each, capable of running 9 simultaneous commands. You can have a total of 360 cabinets. cost is starting at 1 million, probably for the 6 cabinet set.
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