Thread: Hacking a PSP from a Mac

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    There's no programs to hack a PSP using a mac. Heck, you only need the memory stick and the PSP itself. Throw in a Pandora's battery (It's called a maintenance battery, really) for safety measures in case it's a brick.

    I personally uses PSPware to backup my games. Other then that nothing else. I use MP4 Converter for Mac to convert files I want to playback in my PSP.

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    hey.. im new to hacking a psp, i also have a mac, i made the mistake of upgrading my psp's official firmware to version 4.01, does anyone know how i can enable it to play games from the memory card? i already made a pandora battery, and i have a 2gb memory card, its a slim psp by the way. advice would be appreciated..thanks.

    also i dont know how to make a magic memory card-cant i just get the files and put them in the mem card n use the pandora battery?
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    Just look for the installation files that a person put on their memory card from windows xp... I would upload it for you but I have a slow internet connection atm...
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    I'm a mac user, but my friend lent me the use of his PC to create my magic memory stick because I couldn't be arsed to faff around trying to get the commands for mac.

    I also use PSPWare (by Nullriver I think), which works really well in backing up saves, putting iTunes movies and music, bookmarks, and pictures onto your PSP.

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