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    when i installed bootcamp (the bata version) the version of windows i used was a copy of my windows disc from my dell. Anywho when the drivers n utilities were installing i noticed it installed both nvidia and ati graphics. Now am trying to play a game on my windows side of my comp but the error it is giving me is that the graphics card isnt good enough. Now since my mac is one of the new intel based macs the graphics that are on it are onboard graphics ofcourse. I am 100% sure that its the graphic, there is no questioning. What i was wondering is if i were to use an offcial (not bata) version of bootcamp and install windos vista this time arround when i dual boot it, you think it would improve the graphics enough to play the game. Now dont get me wrong i know graphics runs in line with hardware but since macs have better graphics i was wondering is installing a opperating system that utilizes better graphics would change anything...

    EDIT: thanks for the reply. But yes, i do know that dual booting is running windows natively on my machine. However what i want to know is...because the macbooks come with (at least i assume) better hardware...if i were to install a more superior version of windows...would that mean that i could utalize the graphic card even more...or am i stuck with what i have now...since grapics usually pertain specifically to the graphic card. But since this is a mac...and i am assuming that the hardware is better than most windows machine ( just assuming) just wanna know if i'd be stuck with the same pixel shader and stuff. I am fully aware that macbooks arent gameing machines but hey, everyone needs a cool game on their computer so might as well try xD...the game am trying to install is Devil May Cry 3 ( love them all ^^) and 4 if possible......i read somewhere that they work on vista if u have enough ram but then again my hardware might not be up to the job. lol so much confusion ; ;
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    depends on the game but crossover mac(codeweavers) has a nice offering.

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