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    Okay, I know how to jailbreak and what not.

    But this is the thing, I suck when it comes to the actual like using it.

    I'm on 2.1.

    I upgraded [from 1.1.4] because I honestly though all the apps, and shit would be better and more, but apparently it's not (maybe I have the incorrect sources?). But then with 1.1.4 MXtube doesn't work.

    This is what I really just want help with.

    I want a lot of homebrew games, MXtube, and aim/msn/yahoo.

    Suggest the best firmware for that.
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    2.2 is what im on. Most stable ive had so far, and quickpwn lets you jailbreak without restoring and erasing all your content.

    unfortumately since the release of the app store, homebrew games havent been made recently, but if you get a patched mobileinstallation file (cant upload it for legal reasons) you can install cracked apps (cant provide links for legal reasons again)

    But since i patched mines i have mobilechat for msm, Mxtube is available on cydia too.

    more of the better app store games require 2.2 now anyway.

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