Hi, I have a PowerMac 9600, and I was wondering if I could run Panther. When I use XPostFacto it tells me to add 96MB ram at least. In the readme file it says Panther can run on Pre-G3 Macs if they have a G3 or G4 upgrade card.

My internal Hard Drive is about 4 GB with about 2 GB left.
My external Hard Drive is about 6 GB with about 4 GB left.

anyone know if I can install on my external HD?

And where can I find some 128 MB ram cards (the manual says they haven't been tested but now they work.) I need the type that runs on the 9600.
Any where I could find an upgrade card for the mac (g3 or g4)

My MacBook Pro is missing only the classic compatibility.
That's another reason I want to put OS X on the PowerMac. (I want OS 9 & OS X with classic compatibility)