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    1. anyone who posts a ad to SELL anything must have atleast 25 posts. if you sign up at just to try and sell items, your thread WILL be deleted.

    2. all ads MUST include a photo of the item for sale plus a index card w/ your accountname and your email address. failure to comply within 7 days will result in the ad being removed

    3. no spamming. these threads will be deleted

    4. be specific in what youre selling. type as much as u can about the item and what you want to sell or spend on it

    5. no posting in anyones ad unless it pretains to buying their item, asking a question about it, or making a suggestion about the ad. off topic chatting will not be allowed

    6. no flaming or attacking someone about what they are selling. people are allowed to sell items at any price they want, so dont tell them otherwise

    7. this forum is for the buying and selling of SONY PSP systems as well as games and accessories. we dont mind the occasional non-related items, but continued abuse of this rule will result in a one week ban from the forums

    8. moderators are given the power to remove ads at their discression. if your ad is removed, private message the mod who removed it and ask why. dont repost it. this will result in a warning and the ad removed. further abuse of this rule will result in 1 week ban

    9. Selling of software keycodes will not be allowed. this goes for programs too, unless u have a legit installer cd and are selling that via mail
    R.I.P Zoidberg
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    I think 7 is stupid
    Quote Originally Posted by julie
    who me? im a perfect lil angel
    Quoted For Truth......Quoted for Truth
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    Very nice rule set, consider these the new law.
    Before you post please
    Read the sticky's Read the manual Use the search button Google it

    Drizzle's so cool he sh*ts icecubes.
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    thats gotta be a record for fastest stickie......looks good.
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    it was pre-approved before i made the thread
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    i definitely see MOD potential.
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    why isnt she a mod yet damn that needs to happen fast
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    hmm ill follow them
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    what? why isn't Julie a mod?...

    last time i check she is a mod...
    Refresh for more Sigs

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    Julie is a mod and zach is a noob who thinks he has to post on every single thing to get his count up. Stop resurrecting old threads Zach, it's really annoying. This happened almost two f**king years ago.
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    Wow? Someone who actually cares about their post count? That's a first in my life.
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    Dude i care bout my post count...but thats not why i posted. do i still have to post a picture if im offering to downgrade psp's? thank you.

    lol i just re-read my message and i have no idea what i am talking about in my last sentence..
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