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    is it safe to buy a psp off ebay if they dont offer shipping insurance?

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    i think he meant an actual psp, not a memorystick. Anyways, yeah for the most part it is, especially from me

    If you wanna check it out, its in another thread that I made here.

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    oooops read the thread wrong!!! but i did see some psps for like 80 bux - 100 on there too that i was looking at but i found one at a pawn shop for 100 so i just got that one.

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    Yes it is safe to buy from eBay if they do not offer shipping insurance.

    Shipping Insurance is just an OPTION. Its of course "SAFER" in case your package gets LOST. So USPS or UPS have a insurance that covers you up to $1,000.... Its pretty good.

    But the chances of your package getting lost are very very LOW. Im an eBay user and I buy most of the things from there and SO FAR nothing has been lost in transit.

    If you buy something expensive like a PSP.. Ask for Delivery Confirmation. This makes sure the seller sent the package and if you go to or depending on the service the seller uses. You would be able to check your package status ONLINE super nice.. I like more UPS since they are more detailed when it comes to tracking stuff.. They tell you when get your item when they scan it out .. when it gets to the 'whatever' city facility.. when it gets to your city and so on

    Good luck!

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    Beware of any item with hong kong as the seller's location. Sometimes you will see a "good" deal, like a 4gb duo for like 10-15 bucks; just avoid the temptation to roll the dice and get ripped off. Safest bet is to buy from North America and Europe only, in my opinion at least. EBAY is great but there are shady people the world over, and they got computers.

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