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    So here's the deal... I've been bin diving for over a month now, and have more original PS disks than I know what to do with... Too many duplicates, etc. I was just wondering if anyone out there has the same prob, and was interested in trading disks, or is just curious what I have. I move way too much and just can't carry them all with me. No buying or any crap like that, just good games looking for a new (and loving) home.
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    what are ps discs?

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    Not too bright putting this here when theres a trade section for the forum, but i really don't understand what you're trying to say. No one is gonna just send you a playstation disc and hope you send them one back.
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    How did you end up with duplicates?

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    i got lots, but none im willing to part with. espically since most of the games at EB's bargin bin cost less then it does to ship a game
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    Well i got lots of Ps1 games. Im a collector and if anyone has some ill buy. I can even see if you have rare ones.

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