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  1. #1 alright people, last chance for offers before ebay 
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    I bought this about a year ago, in expectation of Grand turismo coming out, but ive heard it hasnt even been released yet, anyway, its a 2.0 firmware, and ive probably played it 3 times, its got 1 dead pixel at the very bottom corner of the screen (very unnoticeable)

    I just dont want to see it laying around in its box anymore, the head phones and someother items it came with, i never opened, so its still in the wrapping
    Throw me some offers, i will post pics up this afternoon
    located in Miami, FL will ship anywhere US if the price is right

    1 minty psp, psp headphones, remote control, demo games and videos UMD, original packaging, manual and quick guide, battery, battery charger, Magic gate 1gb memory stick and its packaging, psp case, USB cable.

    I believe the only thing this Giga package is missing is the psp black sock, i think my puppy got a hold of it

    pm, for more pics if interested

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    please dont "bumP' the threads...

    it is not aloud, and is the reason they dont alow doubble posting.

    My offer is $100, just cause i could use a second one but dont need it
    and i can get a refurbished one now for $169

    good luck and if you want to let it go for the $100 contact me
    via a pm.

    I may be able to type, but spelling is something I forgot to learn...

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    110 is mine

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