Thread: Should I buy battery for PSP on ebay?

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  1. #1 Should I buy battery for PSP on ebay? 
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    Can someone tell me if battery on PSP is good or bad? They have very cheap battery on ebay which can extend ur playing time to 8 hours. Will those cheap battery damage ur PSP?

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    I just purchased two psp on ebay and both have failed within two weeks, I will never buy any more electronics on ebay.

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    dont buy products from ppl with 46582736783 ebay auctions under their belt... even tho they may be the nicest ppl in the world, do you really think that they might have *ANY* free time to self-test or help you repair/replace your product when they have 3000 other auctions going at once (overexaggerating, but you get the point)??? Bottom line; If you want better customer service and a better chance of not recieveing a defective product in the mail, don't buy from power sellers... I myself have sold both of my PSPs on eBay and both buyers are extremely happy with their purchases...

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    Lol, my dad ordered a computer one time and it showed up without a monitor, and the cpu didnt even work. PWNT!


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