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    Ok, I'm searching eBay for custom FW PSP's and i get this:Look Here...Do you guys think its a scam? I know it has no MS, but thts not a problem. I've used eBay many times b4, and I've never been scammed, but this seems to0o0 good to be true, can u tell me wat u guys think? and fast!

    Here is another one:Here...


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    i wouldnt buy that psp if it was the last psp in the world. you could do what i did but u gotta be careful. You could buy a brick psp from ebay for a cheap price and buy a new one straight from kalmart or walmart. Get ready to spend at least 200 bucks but it would be all worth it. you could exchange the broken one with the new one and return it back to the store. You could tell them that I need the money back so I can pay some bills or say that I got in trouble by my mom and dad because they told me not to buy one. Dont worry you dont have to feel bad when u return it because walmart and kmart both got alot of money.

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    The sellers of both of those auctions are "Not a registered user", but both have positive feedback for the PSP sales. I wonder why their accounts are closed?

    I get worried when buying from people with low positives, but have had good luck so far.

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    i dont see how that could be a scam and y u would think that except for the first seller's name which is antitruster. lmao.
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