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    As above, got this on Friday, has been turned on twice, for the update and a wee browse on the net.

    Looking for one with a earlier firmware, or even custom OE.

    As i said this is 5 days old, not bothered about trading for an older one, as long as it can be modded


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    so you got this psp and only turned it on to update it
    well that was silly wasn't it.
    maybe you should look in to buying a modchip
    or new motherboard for your psp.
    so you can have it at a lower firmware.

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    if you bout it thirsday just return it and get a different one ,
    1st PSP2.81>3.03>LCS:STORIES>1.50>3.40OE-A>TAZZ OE-A. Oh Yeah Wicked.

    2nd PSP 3.03>LCS:STORIES>1.05>3.40OE-A. yOU GOTTA LOVE IT
    Hack The Planet.


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    yea i did that with my frist psp just to downgrade it
    Quote Originally Posted by fubar42o View Post
    Damn what a hustler. Kick him while he's down why don't you? .......

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    sorry dude not to sure if you are going to get much intrest here as most people who visit here are intrested in custom firmware

  6. #6 you can now downgrade 3.50 
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    Search the forums for downgrading 3.50.. it is possible now so no need to trade your PSP.

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