Thread: For Sale: Wifi Link, compatible with xlink kai. Play MHF2 Online.

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  1. #1 For Sale: Wifi Link, compatible with xlink kai. Play MHF2 Online. 
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    For sale: Wifi Link, compatible with xlink kai. Now you can enjoy playing Monster Hunter Freedon 2 online.

    USPS Priority Mail with tracking #

    Contact: Aim- xayofoolx

    Products Features:

    ● Online gaming through any internet-enabled PC.
    ● No cables needed, with a true wireless connection.
    ● Unique design with mini size.
    ● Five times faster than a standard WiFi connection.
    ● Supplied with a software CD including the user manual.
    ● Compatible with PS3,PSP,NDSL and Wii.
    ● Be able to connect multiple consoles and even other WiFI devices including LAPTOPS and PDA’s.


    Connect your PS3/PSP/NDSL/Wii to the internet, play online games, organize your files and surf the net from almost anywhere in the house EASILY, CHEAPLY and WIRELESSLY.

    How it works? SIMPLE! Just plug our WiFi LINK adapter into your internet-enabled PC to create a Wireless Access Point. Then a wireless internet connection has been done, go ahead for online-enabled multiplayer games with PS3/PSP/NDSL/Wii gamers from all over the world.

    If you have other WiFi-enabled devices capable of using the internet, such as laptops or PDAs, you can take them online with WiFi LINK too.

    1. Take your PS3 online wirelessly.
    2. Supports up to five local PS3s.
    1. WiFi LINK supports XLink Kai to play PSP online gaming.
    2. Connects up to 5 local PSP users on one internet enabled PC.
    3. WiFi LINK can be compatible with MAX Media Server Software?.
    (With MAX Media Server Software?, WiFi LINK also lets you manage your media files and download them to your PC. Transfer MP3s, images and video files from your PC to your PS3/PSP/NDSL/Wii.)

    1. Connect your NINTENDO DS wirelessly to the world of online gaming.
    2. Supports up to 5 NINTENDO DS consoles at one time

    WiFi LINK FOR Wii
    1. Download new content and Virtual Arcade material on your Wii.
    2. Internet gaming through any internet-enabled PC.
    3. Compatible with all Wii internet-enabled games.

    Get more details about WiFi compatible games by this link

    $25 including shipping and handling.


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    do you still have this item available as I would like to obtain this device.

    Thank you.

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    From What site did you bye the led mod,thanks!

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