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    I'm a new PSP slim owner and would like to take advantage of the M33 custom firmware that was recently released. Unfortunately, I have neither the requisite hardware nor experience to quickly and confidently upgrade my system.

    I would like someone with the appropriate skillset to perform the upgrade on my behalf. I'm willing to purchase a (pandora) battery, (magic) card, and pay a reasonable (tbd) service fee.

    You should be:
    -An enthusiast: Be up to date with the latest releases.
    -Experienced: This should not be your first foray into CFW.
    -Confident: Provide reasonable assurance that you will not return a bricked PSP.
    -Professional: I would like help documentation to accompany my psp when it returns. Also, please be able to provide references or otherwise substantiate your legitimacy.

    If you fit these requirements and want to make a little money in your spare time, please let me know. Note that my thread is not of the "plz mod meh psp for 20 bux kthxbye" variety. I know I expect a lot, but am willing to compensate accordingly. Let me know.

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    I suggest you get in contact with this guy from eBay if he's still willing to help. He seems very experienced and provides the service for a very low fee. Just little more than eBay and Paypal fees, it would seem.

    There's also feedback from people he has helped so that's your referral right there. While I am sure I can create the Jigkick battery and 3.60/3.71 M33 magic memory stick just fine, I'm loathe to send you something that I haven't personally tested. (No plans modding my Crisis Core PSP)

    Oh yeah, if you check the list of people who are volunteering to create Pandora battery/memstick combo, Fanjita is on there. I think that he would more than qualify for your four requirements.
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    Theres people on this site who will do it for free, except you pay S&H.

    Theres a handful of 'elite' modders on this site, and I don't mean by their post count title.

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