Up for grabs is a PSP Fat, Custom Firmware 3.03 OE-B.
I downgraded it I believe a year ago, and I rarely used it, so I need to get rid of it now. The method I used prevents another downgrading, it WILL BRICK if you downgrade it again. Of course, if you have that new Pandora thing, you can ignore this warning. The analog stick is missing, the screen IS scratched, but when the screen is on you CANNOT see them. The PSP comes with a charger, and a random UMD to run any games you may download onto it.
I am Paypal verified, and I also take Money Orders. Whatever you prefer.
I have tons of feedback on other forums. I also moderator another forum, so I have a great track record.

$200 (shipping included) WILL take this item, but of course I'm open to offers.
Thanks for looking.